May 29

A Paralyzed Dog When Euthanasia Is Simply Not The Option

Having a paralyzed dog is usually a demanding and tragic experience especially when your pet dog companion has been along with you for countless years. Yet somehow you dont have to put your own trustworthy good friend to rest. Though euthanasia had been the common course of action in the matter of paralyzed dogs it is not really the only choice.

In the instance that your pet dog in perfect shape except for the paralysis, there are alternatives amenable to your four-legged friend and also you. One particular solution might be utilising a dog wheelchair.Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchairs are tailor made to every pet and therefore made available at cost-effective price points. Developed by a veterinary orthopedic surgeon, a Best Friend Mobility dog wheel chair can aid your canine keep on its energetic everyday life and also provide you with considerably more years of companionship.Numerous tips to help you as well as your paralyzed dog cope

1. Request your dogs vet for more tips with reference to buying a dog wheelchair.Your own dogs veterinarian knows much more about your pets state than you do. A animal medical practitioner can really help your canine friend obtain the hang of having a dog wheelchair. A vet can also advise adjustments which will be helpful to your own animal’s healing and ease and comfort.

2. Work with your dog on treatment options.Physical therapy and also therapy can aid your pet dog. A dog wheelchair can maintain dog active through giving mobility aid. A few vertebral injuries or neurological problems can improve with physical therapy.

3. Utilise doggie nappies first.A Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchair will grant your canine to complete everyday doggie activities even though buckled in. Then again, although your pet is still getting used to its wheel chair, have it

May 29

Why Dog Strollers Can Relax Anxious Dogs

Dog anxiety is a real thing, and it impacts many dogs across the nation. While all dogs can be subject to dog anxiety, smaller breeds seem to be more likely to develop this condition than large breeds. There is a reason that the small dog is stereotypically the kind of dog that shakes.

Dog strollers can offer a solution for dog anxiety, but not all owners are going to jump on board for that solution. It doesn’t sound like it would help. However, pet strollers can help a dog get introduced to new areas and new people while staying safe. Not all dogs may respond to this, and most dog strollers can only hold dogs up to 35 pounds.

But if you’ve been looking for an excuse to get a dog stroller, having an anxious dog is definitely a solid reason. Why do dogs get anxious in the first place, though? It can sometimes be that their senses are overload and if they aren’t used to lots of new people and events, then this can be a source of stress. This is often caused by a prior abusive or neglectful owner, or it may be your dog’s natural personality.

Dogs can also be stressed out about being separated from you, which may be a cause of anxiety when you are out in public if you leave your dog with a friend temporarily. Separation anxiety should be dealt with separately, and it may require you to talk with your veterinarian.

What pet strollers provide the freaked out canine is a secure spot from which to observe the world in detail without risking too much. Most dog strollers have a protective screen that can shade your dog or provide a buffer between him and the outside world. It also prevents strangers from

May 28

My Dog Throws Up After Eating And Then Drinking

I have a very good female chocolate Labrador & she’s incredibly greedy hence when our dog is unwell I assume that it’s a result of eating too much! That’s what I thought at any rate except I do not over feed her and certainly never hand her goodies by the table. Subsequently I found out that the neighbors schoolboy was throwing away his bread rolls in my plot – not good for my pets physical condition and doubtless the cause of our ill dog. After getting that sorted out I believed she would cease being sick so often but it still continued. I spoke to our vet as regards whether or not I must be receiving some dog remedy and explained how my pet dog is unwell as well as at what time it takes place. She suggested giving her 3 meals a day as opposed to twice. This did improve a a small amount nevertheless when on holiday during the summer time it got poorer – our dog throwing up next to the camp site wasn’t good. Very upsetting when my pet dog is sick inside the focal point in the playing field. Nonetheless I found a book regarding canines and came across some helpful info that incorporated various thoughts on how to end your pet vomiting. As soon as you give a dog dry food it expands in their stomachs. This could be a difficulty for some dogs. Whenever they afterward drink, the food expands yet more & this can make your pet sick.

Our liver Lab is exceedingly greedy & wolfs down her food so fast that she takes in a great deal of air as well. That is what was causing her unwell. Giving her lesser quantities to consume at a time helped however didn’t

May 24

Why Memory Foam Dog Beds Are Best

Being a responsible pet owner is a matter of carrying ample of responsibilities on your shoulders to give the right amount of comfort to the pet who cannot speak about his difficulties and pains. And one of the best things which you can provide your pet is the right kind of pet bed to provide him the much needed comfort whenever he needs. But these days finding the right kind of pet bed seems a little tough as they do not keep quality item for pet care. It has no doubt that you will get a wide range of pet beds but getting the high quality designer pet beds are really tough in normal markets which could reach ample of comfort to your lovely dog or cat. But whatever you choose you must take care of the personality of nature of your dog and based on which you should buy its comfort items. Among most comfortable items in pet care is the memory foam dog bed which gives sufficient support to your pet and will allow being like he or she is. The laying style of the digs may vary from each other but whatever your breed may you will be benefitted after buying such a memory foam bed for him.

Special features

No matter if you do not get these beds in market you can search on the online shops that will cater you with all kinds of pet items. So people who are looking for best memory foam dog beds can get them in wide range on the online shops in various colors and designs. There are some special reasons for what you will love to buy a memory foam pet bed for your dog:
Ample amount of comfort and support provided to the pet

May 24

Dog Flaky Skin How To Bring Back Fido’s Shiny Coat!

Getting home from work is exciting, especially when you know that your beloved dog is waiting to be cuddled by you.

It’s thrilling to lay your hand on your dog’s shiny coat, which is a definite sign of a healthy pet. But as the winter season approaches and temperature starts to drop, you may begin to notice that your dog is exhibiting a different behavior. Fido is frequently licking, biting or scratching his fur. As days go by, the condition and behavior gets worse. You should understand that not only humans get dry skin… and a dog’s flaky skin must be given the appropriate treatment in order to prevent flaking and itching.

If your home becomes really dry during winter, this may be the main reason that causes your dog’s skin to become dry and start to flake. You should use a room humidifier to help moisten the air. Also, try to purchase a moisturizing shampoo available in pet stores. Buying a shampoo for Fido to moisturize his skin doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to bathe him more often. Winter is not a good season to bathe your pet. You just have to keep his coat clean at all times, thus helping to relieve his itching.

Keep in mind that you should only buy shampoos specifically formulated for dogs. The pH level of humans is different from dogs, which means that using your own moisturizing shampoo for your dog can worsen the situation because human shampoos can be harsh on a dog’s skin. If you can find a dog shampoo that offers more than just moisturizing… such as parasite or flea protection, then the flaky dog skin may be treated faster.

If these steps do not resolve the problem and if instead you notice that your dog’s

May 22

Labrador Retriever Training Top Five Mistakes To Avoid

Dog training can be difficult especially to new owners but that is not the case with labrador retriever training. Successful training result is not unachievable for there are different training methods proven to help you train your beloved pet. However, you should also be aware of the training mistakes so that you’ll be able to avoid them should they occur.

Physical punishment

Training can be frustrating at times particularly if your pet has stubborn temperament. But even if you’re at your wits end, never ever hit or smack him should he fail to obey what you are asking him to perform. He will not understand that he’s being punished for not knowing how to sit or come or for urinating in the family room while you’re away. Instead of improve the situation, he might associate the hitting or smacking to training thereby making him afraid of it.

Lengthy training sessions

Although a labrador retriever is capable of intense focus especially if the interest is caught, we cannot deny the truth that dogs have short attention span. That’s why most experts recommend that labrador retriever training sessions should last for 10 to 15 minutes only. Training activities should also be fun and challenging enough in order to motivate your pet.

Untimely correction

Correct your pet only if you catch him in the act of doing the mistake. Giving correction couple of hours or even 30 minutes after the deed is carried out will do you no good since your dog won’t understand what the correction is for. The easiest method to correct your pet is to keep an eye on your dog and act right away when you see him about to do something improper. Through this, he will be able to associate the correction with the right deed.

Using different

May 22

Labrador Retriever Training The Great Importance Of Undertaking Crate Training

Did you know that crate training ought to be an crucial part of your labrador retriever training programs? Perhaps you have no idea that crate training is one significant and advantageous endeavor. Indeed, it’s quite essential that you properly crate train your labrador pet as early as possible. This way, you can help your dog grow more obedient, happy and reliable. Moreover, the sooner you can crate train your pet, the easier and more fun it gets to achieve many distinct labrador retriever training courses and activities.

Not many people take into consideration the benefits and worth of doing proper crate training. Hence, they are often confronted with many issues concerning their dog’s habits and behaviors. Those people who neglect the need for proper crate training are usually having a tough time dealing with their dogs. They often struggle with behavioral problems just like dominance, stubbornness and hostility. Undesirable habits such as furniture chewing, urine marking and digging also manifest. This is amongst the many reasons why smart and serious labrador owners see to it that they properly crate train their pets.

It is for a fact that a number of behavior issues can be avoided or completely eradicated if you do crate training correctly and consistently. Believe it or not, the more labrador retriever training lessons and courses you embark on, the lesser probabilities you have of bringing up a troublesome pet. That’s why, it is truly wise that you start up dog training for as soon as possible. Remember, with dog ownerships comes the great responsibility to do several dog training programs. Failure to properly train, exercise, feed and care for your pet can result in a lot of troubles and accidents. You won’t really take pride in owning such a remarkable dog.

Crate training is

May 21

Selective Breeding & Health Problems – Is Your Dog At Risk (part 1)

Jock was everything we wanted in a collie puppy – bright, playful and affectionate. My children thought Jock was going to live forever, a long healthy life.

What could possibly go wrong?

In time we noticed that he was also clumsy, so clumsy that he banged his head on doors, tripped over small toys, tripped over the baby, and never learned to walk down stairs. But we adored him still!

When he was about three months old, Jock developed a slight hernia and off we went to the veterinarian to have it checked. Feelings of relief that the hernia was unimportant gave way to panic when the vet said, “Let me check his eyes while you have him here. We make it a point to check all collie eyes.”

Trying to pass it off, I made a joke about Jock’s clumsiness, but the joke turned sour when the veterinarian spoke again. “I’m surprised this dog gets around at all. He’s totally blind. He has been since birth.”


“We call it collie eye” the doctor continued, “He has massive detachments of the retina in both eyes. There is one small retina where he may be getting minimal vision, but not enough to call it functional sight.”

The American Obsession With Breeding The Perfect Canine

Jock was a victim of the American obsession with dogs and dog breeding, for his blindness was due to a genetic condition bred into collies during the process of seeking the “perfect collie”.

Collie eye, technically called ectasia, is a condition of purebred collies, proven to be congenital and hereditary. Fanciers have long prized the narrow head and “pencil nosed” face of the collie, and breeding programs have continually been directed toward achieving this type of look.

Too little attention has been paid to breeding

May 19

Deda Dog Fang – Chain Keeper

The Deda Dog Fang is a small plastic accessory known as a ‘chain keeper’ which attaches to your bicycle to prevent your chain falling off the inside of your smallest chain ring. Many pro mechanics are now fitting them to team bikes.

The chain can fall off the inside chain ring on even the best adjusted bike. It may not happen often, but when it does happen, it always seems to be at the worst possible moment, for example on a steep hill. You have to stop to put the chain back on, you get oil stains on your fingers and then you struggle to get moving again.

How much better would it be to be able to power your way into the hill in a high gear, confident that you could safely change to your small chain ring when you needed to?

The chain keepers are available in three sizes and you must make sure that you get the right one for your bike. Measure the diameter of your seat tube (if you don’t know it and can’t look it up on the bike manufacturer’s website). I found the size of my seat tube by closing a big adjustable spanner on it and then measuring across the jaws of the spanner. Crafty, huh? NB This measurement is the outside of the tube – your seat post fits inside the tube so that is not the diameter that you want!

The Fang is fitted to the bottom of your seat tube, below your front derailleur.

If you have a bike with a non-circular tube, or one that is an unconventional size, then you are out of luck. The devices are available in 3 sizes: 28.6 mm, 31.8 mm, and 34.9 mm.

I dropped my chain 3 times in one ride

May 16

Breed Information Essential In Labrador Retriever Training

If there’s only one task you ought to accomplish before you begin labrador retriever training, it would be learning the most essential information about the breed. If you have no idea regarding labs, such as history, character traits, grooming demands and level of intelligence, naturally it would be tough for you to figure out what training method works best for him. Good for you if you’re lucky enough to discover the correct training method at first try. However, if you unknowingly chose an ineffective method your pup does not respond to, chances are, you will only make matters worse or the situation will prompt you to abandon your dog thinking that he’s not intelligent enough to follow basic commands.

To prevent this from happening, it’s best that you’re armed with the correct information about training and the dog breed generally speaking. Here are some facts that can help you attain successful labrador retriever training:

– Much like their ancestors, St. John’s Water Dog, labs love to play in the water. With their webbed paw, retrieving prey (or stick and toys) in the water isn’t impossible for this breed. It is therefore not odd if they do good in waterfowl hunting.

– Based on the registered ownership, this breed is the most popular dog breed in the world. In other words, lots of people prefer labs than other breeds because of their amiable characteristics – friendly, versatile and not prone to being territorial, aggression and other destructive behaviors.

– This well-loved breed is known to have gentle disposition thus great with kids and other animals. To match this personality, it is essential for the owner to use positive reinforcement/method during labrador retriever training.

– Being fast and athletic, this gun dog requires regular exercise to keep up with their oozing strength.

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