Jul 26

How To Build A Great Dog Run

Is your quadruped driving you berserk? Develop peace of mind immediately by making a nice dog run that will keep it secure. In this article you will discover valuable info that will go through the most important aspects that need to be considered before building. First of all, you should understand that there are an a few reasons why you should make a dog run. You could make one in order to keep your quadruped confined to a good spot so that it can be left unsupervised for a larger time period, or to keep it from chewing and digging various plants in the garden. A good dog run will also offer good protection from the outdoor electrical equipment or gear.

Before actually beginning to construct your dog run you must ask yourself some things. How large do you need the dog run to be and where are you going to place it? Is it large enough to necessitate a building license? In case of extreme weather will it provide good protection? Does your dog have the ugly habit of barking endlessly and distressing the neighbors? Does it need a clean water resource? These are all extremely crucial questions, without taking them into thinking your project is very likely to disappoint.

You have considered these aspects and now decided how you want to build, but what now? We can begin with the floor of your dog run. The dog run itself can be successfully constructed using various different construction materials. Many nice dog runs feature a solid, thick concrete floor. If you want to build your floor using concrete you should consider making it smooth and not very slippery. You should also make a tiny slope so that the liquid will have sufficient place to drain.


Jul 25

Self Defense-dog Attack Prevention Checklist

Walking, running, cycling and jogging is not as popular here as it is in Europe. Europeans are used to walking or cycling almost everywhere. Maybe that’s why Europeans are in much better shape and have much less incidence of diabetes than Americans do.

They seem much more active than their ‘new country’ counterparts here in the US. Yet millions and millions of Americans every year walk, run, cycle and jog either alone, with a friend or with their trusty sidekick- their dog.

One of the biggest threats to this great outdoor exercise is to be attacked by a dog or a pack of dogs. It happened to me one time and if you’ve ever experienced it, it is something you will never forget.

Nearly 5,000,000 Americans get bit by a dog annually, with close to 1 million needing medical treatment. Of those nearly half are kids. Those requiring medical treatment close to a half-million need emergency room care. There is several things that you can do for your self defense and self defense against dogs-dog defense.

Here is a self defense dog attack prevention checklist to stop a charging dog. See how to stop a dog attack.

1.Don’t ever approach a dog you don’t know.

2.Always let a dog sniff you first before trying to pat it.

3.Never turn your back and run away from a dog.

4.Don’t bother a sleeping or eating dog.

5.Don’t try and take a toy away from a dog.

6.Be very cautious around dogs.

7.Carry some self defense products with you when you’re walking, jogging or cycling.

There are several self defense products that are very good. The first is a canine repellent that uses ultrasonic sound it humans can’t hear. The second is the telescopic stun baton that extends to 21 inches,

Jul 23

Why Buy Natural Dog Shampoo For Your Pooch

If you love your dog and care for its well-being and health, it is advisable to buy natural dog shampoo to give your pooch a bath instead of using your own bottle of shampoo or conditioner. Dogs skin and hair are not like that of human beings. They are much more sensitive than us. So, the shampoo you use to lather up and clean its fur must be softer and gentler.

Natural dog shampoo is made of special ingredients to meet your dogs specific skin requirements. Lavender oil, Eucalyptus oil, Peppermint oil, Tea Tree oil, and Citronella oil are commonly used for producing all-natural, organic dog shampoo.
All these ingredients have unique disinfectant and antiseptic properties. Unlike normal shampoos that result in rashes and allergies, and make the dogs shed at a faster rate, natural dog shampoo promotes smooth and healthy skin.

Natural dog shampoo also has healing properties that helps sooth irritations and itching of the dog skin. Further, organic dog shampoo helps make the dog skin shiny and bright. Normal shampoos make dogs skin dull and dried after regular bathing for weeks and months. But, natural dog shampoo keeps dogs fur and coat in tip top condition.

There are several other advantages of using natural shampoo for your dog. You can help your dog relax and de-stress by bathing it with natural shampoo containing lavender oil or Eucalyptus oil. And, if you take your dog on a lot of hikes, use natural shampoo containing Citronella oil as it has got plant based insect repellent. During summers, using natural dog shampoo with peppermint oil helps keep dogs cool and comfortable.

For the best results, you must also buy natural dog conditioner. Natural dog conditioner helps close the hair shafts that are left open by

Jul 21

Key Information To Be Aware Of In Regards To The Labrador Retriever

The Labrador came into existence during the 1800s, and was originally bred for the primary reason of working with fishermen to pull nets and retrieve fish. A small number of their more typical attributes are described by many as their gentleness and eagerness to please as well as their patience with kids – which essentially make the Labrador Retriever a suitable dog breed for a family pet and as a guide dog, search and rescue dog or police dog.

The Labrador Retriever is known to have come from the island of Newfoundland and was used by English, Irish and Portugese fishermen with the objective of pulling in nets to retrieve fish. They are understood to be a consequence of cross-breeding the St. John\’s Water Dog and a mix of other English, Irish and Portugese working breeds.

Labrador Retrievers are classified as a large-sized breed of dog. The suggested standard size for the Labrador Retriever male is 22.5-24.5 inches high from paw to shoulder and a weight of 65-80 pounds, while the suggested size for female Labrador Retrievers is 21.5-23.5 inches tall from paw to shoulder with a weight of 55-70 pounds.

The Labrador Retriever is famous for their gentle and outgoing personality. They are usually trusting and easygoing with visitors when properly socialized, which often means they are somewhat unsuitable as a guard dog. The Labrador Retriever is also known to be highly intelligent – scoring 7th in comparison with other dogs when taking into account their capacity to be trained obedience instructions.

Grooming the Labrador Retriever is a reasonably simple task. They require a small level of brushing each week and proper grooming every 8 to 12 weeks. The Labrador Retriever is kept happiest with a medium to large yard (and perhaps even a pool) to provide them with

Jul 20

Truly Interesting Things About a Cat’s Whiskers We Bet You Never Knew

Cat’s whiskers include a highly sophisticated smelling system which is able to detect the slightest change of the wind’s direction for instance, but also the most sudden movements around them.

Whiskers help cats to survive because they are in fact predators by instinct. Thus, being a feline species, they are very skilled in hunting smaller animals such as mice, as well as frogs, insects, birds, and so on. Whiskers actually are some sort of prominent follicles that can help cats detect their prey from a small distance much like a pair of glasses can help someone read something written in very small characters on a piece of paper. Because they suffer from presbytism, cats cannot see very well the prey they actually catch. This is the opinion of Alice Moon Fanelli, both veterinarian and assistant professor at the Cummings Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Tufts University, mentioning the fact that whiskers can help cats get into certain circumstances, but they can also help them get out of other difficult situations.

In wilderness, cats hold their whiskers straight forward when they are about to attack their prey. This is what Michael Tewes, a professor and coordinator of the Feline Research Program at the A&M Texas of the Caesar Kleberg Wild Animals’ Research Institute, said. As an expert in the life of large felines, Tewes says that whiskers can make the animals’ life shorter or longer, depending on their good or bad state. They can act as warning signs helping them against the destruction of the felines’ canines. The destruction of the cats’ canines could have some severe consequences on the animals’ general health and may even be the cause of premature death.

Domestic cats rely on the very same kind of instincts as their wild counterparts. Thus, small indoor cats can use their

Jul 19

Use Dog Training To Turn Your Dog Into An Amazing Dog

Many people say that they have a horrible-mannered dog. The main reason why these dogs aren’t well behaved is that they were poorly trained by the owner. It’s not the dog’s fault if he doesn’t know what good manners are and if he doesn’t follow your commands As a dog owner, you must be responsible and take care of your dog. This responsibility includes training your dog properly. There is a lot of information available on how to properly train dogs and you can find out what works and what doesn’t.

Once you start training your dog using the right training methods, your dog can also become a great dog. You’ll definitely enjoy spending more time with your dog once he’s better behaved and you’ll be proud of both your accomplishments and the dog’s accomplishments. You need to spend time and effort while training your dog and your dog too can become an amazing dog.

Your dog must learn to follow your commands and understand the various tones of your voice. Start with the basic commands: sit, stay and come. Once your dog masters these three commands, you can move on to more difficult ones. By spending more time with your dog and discovering what makes him tick, you will start seeing awesome results quite quickly. But it will require time, determination, patience and consistence from you. All dogs, from mutts to pure breeds are capable of becoming well-behaved canine companions.

During your training session, always use positive reinforcement and NEVER use physical violence. It doesn’t matter how irritated or frustrated you are, it is simply not acceptable to cause bodily harm to your pet. Instead, use a louder voice with the appropriate tone and your dog will understand. You need to catch him in the act as

Jul 19

Use Dog Harness To Avoid Neck Injuries To Your Dog

A dog harness is a very important piece of equipment for a lot of dogs around the world. It offers a safe way to secure your dog to leash, without having to make use of a collar. You may be inquiring yourself whats wrong with using a collar. Well, collars are okay for some, but a lot of dogs have a severe problem of suffocating when they are wearing one. This is because every time a dog attempts to run, pull, or tug while their collar is connected to a leash, they will feel the force of the pull on their neck. Sadly, this force can cause neck pain, trachea injury, breathing problems, and choking.
The beauty in the design of the dog harness is that it wraps around your dogs torso, allowing any pulling force to be evenly distributed across their body. This is why it is such a popular alternative to a collar.
Once you’ve made the choice to own a harness for your dog, you must go shopping for one. Shopping for a dog harness is pretty easy; however there are a few things you should be sure to look for. As with all dog accessories and apparel, it’s important to make sure it fits them. Harnesses are made in all different sizes to fit dogs of all weight. Check the item carefully to make sure it will fit them before you make a purchase.
Since your dog will probably be wearing their harness a lot, you should make sure the material it is made out of will be comfortable. Another important feature to look for is how the harness attaches. Some types may have one latch, others may have two, or it might be a step in harness, without any latches. Just try

Jul 19

Denamarin For Dogs – Advantages And Side Effects

Dogs are more than just animals to millions of people across the world. They are family members. And as family members, you want to make sure that your dog is taken care of physically, so that he enjoys a long, happy, and healthy life. Dogs, like people, are subject to internal ailments, which require medical attention, and one of the most crucial parts of the canine anatomy to look after is the liver. With medicines such as Denamarin, you can help preserve your pet’s safety and health for years to come. But before deciding whether Denamarin is the right choice for your dog, you should first do some research and learn about the advantages and disadvantages that can arise as a result of using the product.

Supporting liver function is the number one priority of Denamarin. By supporting the liver, the medicine allows dogs to more easily digest foods and absorb the nutrients that are necessary for continued good health. Digestive issues can be the start of more serious issues, not just for dogs but for people and all other types of animals. The canine digestive system relies on glutathione, which Denamarin helps to produce. Silybin also helps with the flow of bile, which also serves to aid in digestion.

Denamarin also helps to fight disease, which can afflict the dog liver as easily as it can the human liver. In humans, a condition called cirrhosis, or chronic active hepatitis, can eat away at the liver’s functions and ultimately shut it down. Dogs are subject to a similar condition, which Denamarin helps fight against. A dog’s liver can also become the target of common but deadly diseases such as cancer and hepatitis. With Denamarin, the restricted blood flow through the liver that often occurs as a result of

Jul 19

How To Stop Dog Fence Fighting Aggression.

A dog that runs back and forth barking and snarling at another dog from behind a fence might need training on how to eliminate his dog fence fighting aggression. Fenced in animals do not get the luxury of meeting in the usual way. Because of this, there is a tension that cannot be alleviated.

If a dog is left by himself all day, then sometimes he will try to make his own entertainment. One way he might go about this is by fence fighting. The dogs involved may not even really want to injure each other, but just are frustrated that they are separated. They have just found an activity to occupy their time. If you have an inside dog, and the aggression only begins when he is outside, then it may be caused by the outdoor dog.

Fence fighting can be an annoyance for the neighbors as well. Neighbors do not like to hear the dogs barking and squawking either. If they get too annoyed, then you may have bigger problems than just the dog aggression. The police may become involved which can result in animals being put down. If children live in the surrounding areas, you can multiply your problems.

Dogs are territorial; therefore they have a natural instinct to claim territory and objects. Violence between animals is usually the result of an infringement on that territory. This can especially be evident if the dog is an inside dog and doesnt get the opportunity to socialize with other animals or people. If the dog was taken from his litter while too young, or if he was not introduced to other canines and puppies during his developmental months, then the result can be disastrous. Fence fighting aggression, like many other dog behavior issues, is usually a result of some

Jul 18

The Importance Of Having A Watch Dog At Home

Homeowners looking for a method of improving security without taking expensive measures to put in complicated equipment might consider getting a watch dog. A watch dog adds an element of security and warning against intruders to a home as well as improving personal protection.

Basics of Watch Dogs

Watch dogs are any canines that are able to warn owners of strangers. When it comes to finding a pet that will give a warning of potential danger by barking and offer assistance in protecting the owners, family protection dogs are the ideal choice. The dog will watch for intruders and protect against danger.

Watch dogs are not always guard dogs, particularly when the dog is relatively small. The key difference between a basic watch dog and a guard dog is the improved protection offered by the canine. The biggest factor that makes a difference in whether the dog is good at guarding the family or simply issuing a warning is the size and temperament of the pet. A good guard dog will have courage and the ability to take down an attacker.

Protection Against Intruders

Personal protection dogs offer safety around the home. A key element that is important to any individual or family is feeling safe while in the comfort of home. Any time it does not feel safe, the home becomes uncomfortable.

A benefit of getting trained German Shepherds or similar guard dog breeds is the feeling of safety at home. A trained guard dog will not get friendly with anyone who is a stranger. Furthermore, the trained dog has been taught ways to protect the owner or whole family from potential harm.

Benefits of Calm Breeds

Finding the best dog for the protection of the home means looking for the pet that has a great temperament, courage

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